The Scada-Cloud application provides select information to users regarding forecasts of assumptions, and supports decisions in failure statuses. It is used for monitoring and controlling systems at any location of the user’s work. It manages systems from all sections which can be accessed by the user.

The application Scada-Cloud is made in the SPA (Single Page Application) technology, which means that after its launching, the entire html code is loaded along with the styles, scripts and graphical elements. During work of the application, the necessary (missing) elements are supplemented in a dynamic way. This usually takes place in response to actions (control commands) generated by the user. Due to the above, the application can operate faster. Furthermore, vector and raster graphics were used. This allows to achieve high contrast of edges when enlarging the application windows. This effect ensures high quality and legibility of the displayed information, which impacts the comfort of work with mobile devices in emergency situations in a significant manner.


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