The Environment section focuses on handling systems that are used for remote and mobile monitoring of production processes that impact the environment and waste processing technologies. Liquid, solid or gas chemical substances are all stored in industrial plants. This causes generation of production sewage and waste. Those in turn impact the surrounding environment, specifically the quality of air, water and soil. The plants have neutralisers, purifying stations or areas for storing waste (often hazardous one). All of those are usually managed by desktop applications. The main objective of the system operation in this section is to warn users about the potential for failure occurrence, when it will involve environmental pollution directly or indirectly.

In the demo version, an Environmental Quality Monitoring System (EQM) was also presented. The system monitors the following: removal of post-production waste to the in-plant purifying station, neutralisation process and final inspection. In the Preview section, the key parts of the purifying station are presented as well as the status of their operation and values measured from control points, e.g. pH and rH. The user is notified about defective work of devices and about exceeding the permissible values of sewage parameters, which may lead to a failure situation occurring.